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SmileDental49 team is a group of professional, caring and friendly people who will certainly make your dental visits more comfortable and enjoyable. We are ready to educate, soothe and calm you before, during and after your appointment. We feel there is only one way to practice dentistry ie with concern, clear communication and clinical excellence. Our existing patients pay us one of the highest compliments possible by referring their friends and family to our practice. The goal of our team is to provide you a lifetime of optimum oral health and strive for relationships based on mutual trust, excellent customer service and the best patient care possible.


Dr. Jatinder Riar


After graduating from UBC, Dr Riar has been practising general and cosmetic dentistry in Vancouver, BC. She loves meeting new patients and takes great pleasure and pride in trying to make people relaxed and comfortable in dental chairs especially those who are fearful. With her frequent participation in continuing education courses, Dr. Riar ensures that her patients always receive the most current and effective treatments possible.


Together with her team, Dr Riar strives to educate her patients, communicate treatment options clearly and help everyone to achieve a healthy and improved smile. In her leisure, she likes to practice yoga and loves to run.


Rafat Sobouti


Dr Rafat Sobouti is a full time faculty member at UBC teaching general dentistry to dental students. She also practices general dentistry at Smile Dental 49 clinic on Thursdays. She believes in conservative restorative dentistry and preserving teeth for a long time while keeping up with appropriate oral hygiene in general. Her openness, communication skills and calm energy creates a comforting experience for her patients. Dr. Sobouti values educating her patients on how to take better care of their teeth and keep up to date with the most effective oral health knowledge in general. She is detail oriented, artful and conservative practitioner who is very concerned about the well being of her patients at the same time and the longevity of their oral health. 


Dr. Sukhvinder Grewal


It takes hard work and dedication to become a trained dentist but it takes a keen eye, ears ready to hear patients needs and a lot of patience to ensure no stone is left unturned in providing the best treatment for their patients. These traits are what describe Dr. Sukhvinder Grewal. Her experience with patients from different cultures help her prepare the best treatment plan that fits the patients needs and their budget. Her smile not only help make her most anxious elderly patients but also the most challenging little ones at ease. She keeps her skills up to date by attending seminars and relevant study clubs. Along with being a dentist she is a well versed cook and likes to cook in her leisure time


Dr Mohammad ( Mo ) Moshtagi Moghaddam


Dr. Mo was born in Iran and has been practicing dentistry for the past 26 years, dedicating the last 20 years towards Implant dentistry and Periodontal (gum) surgeries.


He has been practicing as a licensed general dentist in Canada since 2015. After getting his DDS from Shahid Beheshti University in 1995, he practiced general dentistry for three years and went back to the university in Iran to receive his MSc in Periodontics in 2001.


In Iran, he provided patients with periodontal and advanced implant treatments at his private practice, and served as an assistant professor at the Guilan University of Medical Sciences. Dr. Mo has a passion for continuous education, and has served both as an instructor in Iran, and a student in various courses to cultivate his passion for implant dentistry.


Away from his practice, Dr. Mo enjoys skiing, biking, and spending time with his family.


Dr. Felix Zhang


Dr. Felix Zhang comes with a lot of experience and education. Dr. Zhang has a PhD. in Oral Sciences from UBC and specializes in Intra Venous (IV) Sedation Dentistry. This advanced technique of sedation helps patients get teeth and wisdom teeth removed in a pain-free and stress-free environment.

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Gurpreet Sekhon


The hygiene program is run by Gurpreet who is energetic and enthusiastic about her work and treats her patients with respect, kindness and gentleness. She enjoys dealing with patients on an individual basis so that she can better assist them in meeting their dental needs. Her goal is to educate patients on their oral health status and help them achieve a disease-free healthy mouth with Regularly scheduled cleanings in a comfortable and caring environment. She believes a healthy smile is a beautiful smile.


Ruby & Sneha


When you arrive in our office one of our competent Dental Assistant teams of Ruby and Sneha will bring you to the dental operatory. They will help you to feel relaxed and confident about the work that needs to be done. They offer you years of experience performed with utmost kindness and gentleness. They assist by supplying the Dentists with all materials needed to help improve your oral health.


The Dental Assistants are always happy to help with any questions that you may have regarding the upcoming procedure both before and after the appointment. Some of the things the Dental Assistants do are take x-rays, sterilize instruments, set up procedures, give oral hygiene instruction.


Manny & Rajvir Kaur


Our friendly front desk team of Maninder and Tarnpreet is always eager to help you out with any situation. Whether you phone in or drop by our office, there will always be a smiling face to assist you. The front desk understands that different people have different needs and will go out of their way to accommodate you. Our Dental Team will also work closely with your insurance provider to determine your treatment limits and help you with insurance questions and different treatments offered in our practice. They will always take care of you by scheduling you in for your needed treatment, regular cleaning appointments and providing you with reminder calls.

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